Multifaceted Design Services

As you can see from this list of services, our experience in Architecture and Design is wide ranging. We will work with you to define what you need and to help make your space work better for you.

Conditions Review Modeling by xpand

Existing Conditions Review and 3D Modeling

We can create accurate 3D computer models with or without existing drawings of your space. Before we begin any project, we thoroughly measure all the relevant rooms, wall, and openings to create plans ready for design.

xpand project master planning

Project Master Planning

Wherever you are in your project planning, we can work with you to map out the modifications needed to achieve the desired result. It could be for a current project or one in the future; together, we can build a road map to get you there.

xpand Interior planning

Interior Space Planning and Management

Together, we will look at how you use your space and think about how you move through it. We can help make the space work better for you and plan improvements.

Permit Drawing by xpand

Permit Drawings

Not every project requires drawings for a permit, but some do. In those cases, as a licensed architect, we can provide you with stamped drawings for the permit process.

xpand Home Organization

Home Organization Efficiency

Keeping things organized and manageable is a huge undertaking and sometimes a little outside perspective can make a huge difference. We can help make a game plan, custom design, or off-the-shelf solution that will make your life more organized and efficient.

Materials Consultation by xpand

Material Consultation and Selection

Picking the right materials or products for your house can be daunting, especially because there are so many choices available. Working with you and your inspiration photos, we can help guide you to products and finishes that are right for you and your project.

Architectural Drawings by xpand

Architectural Drawings

The more you know about your project before it begins, the easier the construction process will go. We can help take the guesswork out of the project and identify the materials and correct placement of things to keep uncertainties during construction at a minimum. Please also see our Construction Administration Service.

Home Furnishings by xpand

Furnishing Recommendations

We can help furnish your home and find that perfect couch or end table that is just right for your space. If you already have something in mind, we can help you visualize the space and make sure everything works together.

Services Collaboration by xpand


With 20 years of experience in Architecture and Design, our team is well connected throughout the area, if we are not able to help you, we can help you find someone who can.

Construction Administration by xpand

Construction Administration

We will be your eyes and ears at the construction site and in communications with the construction team. Construction to your home or business is already disruptive, and taking calls from the site all day while you have personal and professional obligations, we are here to ease that burden and get the project built as was designed.

Cabinetry Designs by xpand

Custom-Cabinetry Designs

Is your space hard to shop for? You don’t have to do it alone! We can work together and find a perfect solution. It may be planning a custom design or utilizing available pre-manufactured products. We can make your space really shine.

Interior Design by xpand

Interior Design

We can help you with not only the spatial planning of your home but also the interior environment. We can work together to find paint colors, furniture arrangements and selection, even placement of art on the walls. We can help you to design your home interiors from an architectural perspective.

3D Visualizations by xpand

3D Visualization and Renderings

Perhaps you already know what you want to do, but you want to make sure you are visualizing it correctly. If so, we can help you transform your thoughts into plans by creating 3D views of your project. 3D visualizations and renderings confirm specifics and ensure you are on the same page with the builder, before the hammers begin to fly!

Client Focused Design by xpand

Client-Focused Design

When working with a client, we focus on how their space is used and how it could work better for them. To help me understand a client’s style and preferences, we actively listen for likes and dislikes, and we ask clients for example images of spaces that they like. From these types of inspiration, we make spaces that reflect them and their desires.

Exhibit Designs by xpand

Photography: Kwesi Budu-Arthur

Exhibit Design

We have many years of experience in exhibit and museum design, including award-winning projects throughout the United States. We can work together to review your materials, and develop stories or themes that can convey the depth and range of your collection in a safe, visually pleasing, and educational way.

XPand Accessibility Assessments

Accessibility Review & Suggestions

Through review of code and local ordinances we can help you navigate the required aspects for updating or renovating your existing space. If you are considering aging in place in a new or existing residence, we can help you with strategies that allow you to do that comfortably and in style.

House Illustration icon for xpand

We Specialize in Both Commercial and Residential Design

There are subtle differences that make home design special and unique from commercial projects, and there are many similarities. I have extensive experience in both realms of design from the more intimate home projects to the more public commercial projects.

OUR Process


We Meet

The first step is to meet and identify the opportunities in your project.
You will tell us how you came to be interested in changing your space, your ideal timeline and budget. At this point, you will begin to provide visual aids and make notes of things you like or want to change.


We Measure

In order to make changes, we first need to know what we have. This step is very easy, and requires access to your space to make accurate measurements. If you already have drawings, we will verify various dimensions to get an accurate baseline. Starting from a solid foundation we can move forward with understanding and purpose.


We Plan

Now that we know our starting line, we will work together to create a strategic plan. We will meet with you to sketch up some thoughts on the opportunities we began discussing in Step 1. You will bring more visual aids, and personal insights to the discussion. At this point, we anticipate having multiple options to work with.


We Select

At this point in the process, we will work together to secure a suitable builder for your project, one that will use the information from Step 3 to give a rough order of magnitude price for the project. This will help you select the path forward toward completion. This is the time we will work together to pick appropriate materials and finishes.


We Build

Once Step 4 is complete, we will finalize the drawings and materials to create a document for the builder and planning departments. We will be there throughout the building process to ensure their work matches our plan.


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