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About Us

We are a new, woman-owned architecture and design firm located in the northern suburbs of Boston, specializing in client focused design for existing and new residential and commercial spaces.

Our Story

After nearly thirteen years of fast-paced design and production work, I was at my wit’s end. It seemed like I was always on the go: leaving for or coming home from building sites around the country while still trying to be present for my young family. As I prepared for another cross-country jaunt, I stopped in to get my hair done, with my long-time stylist, at her new chair in a new salon. As we were chatting, we started talking about how she dreamed of getting her own space, and her own stylists.

The next hour or so went by in a blaze of activity: we started a Pinterest board then and there and started looking for salon inspiration. We chatted and talked about the future and ideas for her salon. In that moment, I realized I could be effective and inspired closer to home.

My goal with XPand is to inspire you to make something new that you will love and to help you be happy and comfortable where you are. In my experience, having a partner in the design and construction process makes the outcome much more enjoyable and much less daunting. I will be there with you, listening, helping manage the process, and remaining in touch the whole time. I cannot wait to see what we dream up!

Our Founder

Hello, I am Hillary Mateev.

I live in Reading, MA and am passionate about helping folks in the Greater Boston area make spaces work better for them. I founded XP Architecture and Design, LLC in 2019 to feel more grounded in my community and am loving working with friends and neighbors on their projects. I also volunteer and was recently elected as a Town Meeting member and joined the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Outside of work and volunteering, I get into nature as much as possible with my family. On most weekends, you can find us hiking, skiing or snowboarding in the mountains. When I’m not on a trail, and it’s safe again to gather, I’m usually throwing parties and celebrating with friends and family, all while cooking enough food to feed an army. When it is possible, we also enjoy traveling the globe.

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My mission is to make the world a more beautiful experience one project at a time.

Our Partners

Ruhl Studio Architects

Greater Boston architecture firm that we have worked with on a variety of residential and institutional projects.

Krista Lombardi Knickerbocker

An architect and jewelry designer who we have collaborated with on a variety of residential and exhibit projects.

Emily Belyea Creative

A Denver, Colorado based web designer who created this website.

Natalie Zanecchia Design

A Denver, Colorado based graphic designer who we have worked with on exhibit and residential projects

Chris Chan-Tse

Bedford, MA based general contractor who we have worked with on high-end bathroom residential remodel and whole house renovation projects.

Kate Donovan

A North Shore Boston photographer who helped capture the projects seen here.


Would you like to know more?

Please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form to tell us a little bit about yourself and your dream. To get the conversation started you can also email us directly at

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