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We’re a holistic design firm in Greater Boston that puts the client first. For both commercial and residential projects, I am your designer, architect, partner, and confidant. Together, we will make your space work better for you.

I make beautiful functional spaces, through collaboration and inspiration


Hair salon and yoga studio with a laid back mid-century modern vibe, located on Massachusetts’ North Shore

Our goal was to create a space that is welcoming and comforting, that reflected the personality of the owner.

North shore house

Modern spa-like bathroom in existing old colonial style home, in Boston suburbs

Our goal was to turn an old bathroom with a fiberglass tub and poor lighting into something luxurious but functional, a spa the whole family could retreat to every day.

High street home

Expansive multipurpose basement space to work-from-home and exercise with tons of storage, in northern Boston suburbs

Our goal was to modernize an unloved basement storage area, creating an open multipurpose space with an office, exercise room, handyman work space and family hang out destination.

Construction planning

Collaboration with a local builder to visualize intricate elements of the construction process

Our goal was to help a local builder consider space organization, material alignments, and intricate details prior to the commencement of demolition and construction. By using 3D modeling and rendering, we helped the client visualize and understand the anticipated end result, and ultimately reduce delays and changes during installation.


Commercial and Residential Design

For both commercial and residential projects, we are your designer, architect, partner, and confidant. From intimate home projects to public commercial projects, I can help make your space work better for you.

Interior Space Planning and Management

By visiting with you and seeing you in your own space, we can work together to make sure it is working the best for you and come up with plans to make it better.

3D Visualization and Renderings

Together, we can take your project ideas and create 3D views to confirm layout and material selections before the hammers begin to fly!

Architectural Drawings

Architectural Drawings take the guesswork out of a design project by identifying necessary materials and making sound placements to keep uncertainties during construction to a minimum.

Meet the Founder

Hello, I am Hillary Mateev

I founded XP Architecture and Design, LLC in 2019 as an effort to be more grounded and connected to my community. I am a one-woman design firm, focused on creating thoughtful and focused design through balance and harmony. With extensive commercial and residential design experience I am here to help turn your dreams into a reality.


Would you like to know more?

Please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form to tell us a little bit about yourself and your dream. To get the conversation started you can also email us directly at hillary.mateev@xp-and.com.

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